Saturday, 18 June 2011

Ards F.C. - Davy Lee's

We're all 'Going Down to Davy Lees' - A trip down memory lane here!

I visited the Saturday Market in Newtownards this morning, I was spotted some distance away by Adrian Monaghan, my old pal. Aidy and I, went to Chelsea football matches, Ireland Rugby games and of course Ards football matches together.

Adrian sold me a new CD Davy Lee's - the Ards Football Fans theme song. It has sent memories flooding back of me, to the way I used to spend my Saturday's - following the famous Ards FC.

One of my oldest friends, John Loughrin - Locky is famously mentioned on the track.

Just played it several times - singing at the top of my voice, I need to be careful as I am kind of a Bangorian now!!

As Adrian says you can take a man out of Ards but you can't take ARDS out of the man!

Released just in time for Fathers Day!

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