Saturday, 20 November 2010

Fireworks in Bangor

Mrs. Anderson, Mother-in-law, Matthew + Christopher attended the switching-on of the Festive Lights in Bangor this evening. At the Town Hall at Castle Park we were treated to a magnificent fireworks display for around 20 mins, followed by the big switch on by the Mayor Cllr. Montgomery. A huge crowd turned out to take part in the festivities and the weather was kind.

To the council's credit they excel at a number of 'things' Easter Parade etc and the Christmas switch on of the lights etc. There is no doubt Bangor is guilty in a lack of cultural activity at times, but things may be changing. It has been suggested that Bangor is a Cultural wilderness, untouched by the Ulster Scots folk, however a lot of good work has been going on behind the scenes to develop a tourist strategy - tours, exhibitions and a huge festival to celebrate the H&M settlement of 1606 - roll on 2011.

Have a look here: -

I recognise someones fingerprints on this project!


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  1. The firework looks great, thanks for sharing.