Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Peace Bridge Londonderry

Just before I departed on holiday a few weeks back, I was asked my Michael McCullough (Director Ulster Scots Agency) to provide a workshop on the fife and lambeg drum musical tradition, along with Matthew Warwick - (bagpipe & language) for a group of international students on the theme of Ulster Scots.

The event took place at the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall situated on Derry's Walls, Londonderry - the event itself went very, very well indeed - another excellent project by Michael !

Anyway - I had a few hours down time and used this to visit the 'Peace Bridge' that was recently constructed across the river Foyle in Londonderry City. It is a beautiful bridge with great views of the city and over to the hills of Donegal.

The bridge is supposed to be a symbol of peace and reconciliation between the two main communities in the city, linking the mainly catholic city side and the non catholic waterside area!

The jury is out as to weather there is peace in the city - as I do note a degree of hostilities still lingering in the Republican Community in Londonderry!! 


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