Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lambeg Drum - John Cully Memorial Drum

The lambeg drum community/fraternity is a close knit group of folk, dedicated to their chosen musical tradition, yes, they do have their arguments, fallouts and disagreements, however when a tradegy strikes we are all united in grief.

John Cully, son of my very great friends Eric + Jean Cully - was tragically killed in a road traffic collision, in Portavogie back in April 2009 - a very sad event indeed, which still carries a great deal of pain today.

Eric + Jean after long debate and deliberation, showed great strength of charachter and decided to have John painted on a lambeg drum - in a poignent way to remember their beloved son.

I visited Eric a few months back and with his permission photographed the drum - its a beauty! 

The shell was made by Mr. Denis Morrow Belfast, on a specially imported figured oak board with the shell painted by Mr. Brian Jamison Newtownards. Many, many hours were spent making this beautiful drum and I hope you agree it is a wonderful drum - but a tragic story.

I sincerely wish Eric well with this drum and hope he is long spared to win a few trophies with it and has many hours playing this magnificent lambeg drum - good luck Eric !!

'John Cully Memorial Drum'

The top painting is the fisherman's memorial which is situated at Portavogie harbour - the name John Cully with John's portrait - with the inscription below 'Gone but not Forgotten'


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