Thursday, 31 May 2012

Orange Banner Unfurling - Loughrie True Blues LOL 1948

Some months ago I placed a few historical items on the blog - some of which are connected to Loughries True Blues LOL 1948's New Orange Banner.

On Saturday 9th June at 3pm in Newtownards Orange Hall, Loughries will unfurl this new banner. Best plans have been laid, invitations sent out, forms completed, food ordered, band, dancers, musicians and guests poised to attend. It is anticipated the following will take place: -

Welcome to the unfurling ceremony by Bro. Bobby Magreechan (Master of the Lodge) followed by 'welcome to the Borough Of Ards', by Mayor Cllr. Hamilton Gregory - then opening Hymn. The banner will be unfurled by Bro. Drew Nelson (Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland) and dedicated by Bro. Robert McCormick (LOL 481). Explanation of the banner design by Bro Stephen Rodgers (Lodge Member) followed by our second Hymn, vote of thanks by Roy McCartney (Lodge Chaplain) Seconded by myself (Lodge Secretary) concluding with the the National Anthem. Pianist for the ceremony will by Mrs. Lesley Greenald.

At 3.45pm the Lodge will parade through Newtownards town centre - carrying our new banner - accompanied by William Strain William Lightbody Memorial Flute Band and visiting Brethren and Sisters from other Orange Lodges.

At 4.45pm on return to the Orange Hall a buffet meal will be served - followed by some entertainment - Greyabbey Highland / Scottish Country Dancers - Piper Stephen Rodgers - Ballyrobert fife & lambeg drum club - music from WSWLMFB.

Hope to see you there!

Report and photo's to follow.


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