Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Portavogie Boat Trip

I received a telephone call this morning from Eric (my drumming friend) to say he wanted to go out in the boat - he promised my boy's a trip a while back, he was taking the boat out of the water again on the 14th July so we had to go today.

I quickly re arranged things (still knackered) then made my way to Portavogie for 2pm.

Eric, Matthew, Christopher and I headed off for our wee trip. Eric took us around the seas off Portavogie, where we went seal spotting, wreck spotting, fishing - caught 8 fish, throwing 6 back.
Eric also had a few pots out in the water, which we checked and caught 6 lobsters!

Fantastic outing - the boy's had a great adventure

Here are a few snaps - too many to post them all.


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