Sunday, 10 July 2011

♫ "How Deep The Fathers Love For Us" - Stuart Townend ♫

At certain times of the year it is always extra special to remember someone in a special way, so today Sunday, we 'The Andersons' provided the flower arrangement for the front of the church. We did so in memory of our father, Blakely Anderson, who passed away in May 2009 - each year the family chooses a Sunday, this year it happened to be the Sunday just prior to the 'Twelfth'.

My Dad was a life long Orangeman and proud of his Presbyterian / Protestant roots, so as you can see the type of flowers and their colours, are in keeping with the Anderson's proud Ulster heritage!

Incidentally, the hymn below - 'How Deep a Fathers Love' was one of the hymns selected by my Dad for his funeral and it was part of the service this morning.

Also, something that pleased us greatly was the Annual Divine Service of Newtownards Orange District was held today and coincidentally it was held in our church - so double remembrance and a fitting tribute to Blakely!


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