Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Not only a Man's World!

This is Dr. Diane Harvey-Smith my dear friend.
Diane is one of the rare breed of people who is determined to succeed at anything she does. A number of years ago she joined with me, at a local drumming club as a fifer. Diane is a flautist in a local band and took up the challenge of learning the fife - a notoriously difficult instrument to learn, however over time she has turned out to be an excellent fifer.
Here Diane is showing that not only can she fife but she is an excellent drummer as well, here she is playing my drum Prudence.
Diane is also a keen kick boxer - so when Diane wants a go on the drum we readily agree to let her play, its the safest option!
No truthfully Diane is a great friend of mine and a darling to all the men folk in our local lambeg drumming community - and a credit to her gender we love her to bits - Well done DD.


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