Thursday, 3 June 2010

American Young Ambassadors Programme

Wednesday 2nd June 2010 I was invited by Michael McCullough from the Ulster Scots Agency to provide a workshop for 10 young American citizens, who are visiting Ulster as part of an Cultural exchange project.

I visited holiday cottages in Dundrum Co. Down, where I met these folks - who I have to say were very charming young people.

I provided my fife & lambeg drum workshop and it went very well, they were all very interested as I explained the cultural significance and historical importance of the fife and drum tradition here in Ulster. I did think that they were not fully aware of the different identities that are in Ireland, nevertheless I did my best to explain my musical tradition with in the overall Ulster Scots context.

To finish off the workshop I gave out several tin whistles and we played a few Ulster Scots tunes together - 'What Mark are these not Irish Tunes' I was asked. Well!


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