Thursday, 10 June 2010

Human Rights of a Child

Recently, I listened to an interview given by Nelson McCausland MLA, DECAL Minister, on BBC Radio Ulster - talking about the Rights of a Child under the European Human Rights Convention.

I came across this poster that hangs on the wall in The Fountain Primary School Londonderry. You can see who have signed up to the initiative - and the rights that the children have. As I visit more and more schools throughout Ulster I am coming across a greater awareness of Principal's teachers and parents for a fundamental right to have their child or children brought up / educated with Ulster Scots culture around them in their school, should it be language, history music or in deed any other form.

The poster in the Fountain Primary School should be made available to all schools and our Education Minister should recognise that there is a ground swell of support out there, by ordinary Ulster Folk, to be allowed to be part of this 'shared future' by permitting Ulster Scots - in all its forms, to be taught in school as a right not as a luxury or by the choice of the Principal, Education Library Boards or Minister for Education.

My own children are discriminated against as their Principal does not recognise the Ulster Scots Culture, hence my children are missing out on a fundamental European Human Right - to be allowed to learn about their own culture! Where's Lady Sylvia Hermon's Office!!!!!

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