Saturday, 26 June 2010

South Down Militia

Here is a great tune, which I enjoy playing on the fife and tin whistle - 'South Down Militia'

This snippet is played by the Band of the Royal Irish Regiment (TA) - Pipes & Drums.

The video is a little shaky but the sound is excellent - Rousing tune!



  1. Mark,
    I enjoyed seeing yourself playing the lambeg at Carrowdore - you look very serious in the photo on Mark T's blog!
    I remember having an old "Orange song Book" by Richard Hayward in the house when I was a wean (over 50 years ago!) and it had the 'South Down Militia' in it for a reason I could never fathom.

  2. Hi Philip;

    That was my happy face! Yes I do tent to concentrate on what the drum or drummer is playing beside me or one drum further up. Mark T did visit the event and enjoyed it, he also took great photo's and a couple of video's - now on YouTube. South Down Militia is a very good tune perhaps you could play it on your guitar!

    Thanks for lookin in.