Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ulster Scots Words - Tangle

Whilst I don't consider myself a natural Ulster Scots speaker, I do read a little and speak a little (does this make me bilingual), however my vocabulary is a way short of those I converse with regularly.

During a recent conversation with Eric Cully (Portavogie Fisherman) he joking called me 'a big tangle!' He being a very good friend was having a laugh, I laughed and asked what a tangle was? Eric laughed then asked me to 'go an fin oot'.

I called my Ulster Scots walking encyclopaedia - Darren, he was able to tell me that a tangle was a long piece of seaweed, like a stick shaped, here is a photo Darren sent.

Also, if you are from the Ards Peninsula or should I say from below the floodgates in Newtownards a tangle is in my case 'a big skinny fella!'

Well, I was naturally pleased as recently I have lost almost 3 stone - so I take it as a compliment.

Note - I used to do a bit of courting in Ballywalter, when the girl and I split up she referred to me as 'a big lang drink o water'!!

Ah well........


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