Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cookstown - Lambeg Drum Competition 1

On Easter Tuesday - on a cold showery afternoon I attended a Lambeg Drum Competition, in Cookstown Co. Tyrone. I don't normally attend these events, apart from the big competition 'Claddy Day' in Markethill that is held annually on the last Saturday in July.

I travelled up with Eric Cully, Willie Palmer and Bobby Magreechan, sadly no drum with us it is had broken (skin exploded) earlier that morning. The plan was to take Bobby's Drum - The Mountjoy II and young Andy Bickerstaff from Rathfriland was to play it - sadly this did not happen - best laid plans...........

Anyway, it was a great day out, very, very cold but quite dry with the odd passing shower. There were 40 drums in the competition and it was judged over 2 round (usually 3) but time constrains, number of drums and weather dictated a 2 round competition - which was the right and proper decision.

What pleased me was the amount of young faces at the competition - I don't know too many of them sadly, nevertheless it is refreshing to see so many young enthusiastic, interested and talented up and coming drummers!!

Over this - and the next blog post, I will show a selection of drums that were in attendance - my favourite drum The Pride of Taylorstown was there....... it is drum 2 in this montage.


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