Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lambeg Drums - A selection of painted shells.

From 'The Ulster Drum' book printed by with the vision and foresight of Michael McCullough, photographs by Bobby Magreechan (wee snapper) and words by the late George Douglas Holmes (Geordie).

I have selected a few drums with a nautical theme. Now, not the 'middle class who-ray henry yacht club type vessels' - but ships that have played a part in Ulster of British history throughout the years.

There is a drum from Newtownards in existence with the Titanic painted on it - owned by the Gordon Family - I will try to track a photo of it down and display it soon!!


This is an Orange Lodge drum LOL 159? - known as the Knocknadona Ship 

This drum is owned by T. Richardson, Duneight -  Ship of the Empire 

Owned by Blagh Orange Lodge LOL 256 - Remember Derry, Mountjoy & Phoenix

Mountjoy at the Boom - Owner not known

This drum is owned by W. Dilworth, Portadown - known as Admiral Lord Nelson - it shows HMS Victory


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