Sunday, 11 March 2012

Letter to Queen Elizabeth II

At our recent monthly Orange Lodge meeting, it was agreed to send a letter to HM Queen Elizabeth II, (via her private secretary) - by way of congratulations, on reaching her Diamond Jubilee, see attached letter.

Lets hope for a reply!

Dear Sir;

The Officers and Members of Loughries True Blues Loyal Orange Lodge No 1948, wish to convey to Her Most Gracious and Most Excellent Majesty, many congratulations on this your Diamond Jubilee.

It should please Your Majesty, that we, your most loyal and faithful servants, greatly appreciate and uphold your Loyalty and faithfulness in service to us, your people.

May Almighty God continue to offer his blessings upon you, this the year of your Diamond Jubilee and for evermore.

God Save the Queen


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