Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spreading the Ulster Scots Message

Today Tuesday, my colleague Matthew Warwick and I visited 2 x schools - both very different!

First off was a trip to Kilmaine Primary School in Bangor, Co. Down - there we entertained and educated over 100 pupils, in a 3 hour period on a number of elements of the Ulster Scots Traditions - including music, language etc.

Following that we raced up to Ballymena Co. Antrim to Slemish Integrated College - where we were joined by Piper Alan McCormick. We gave a series of presentations, on the Ulster Scots Culture and associated musical traditions, - to a group of International Students from Mainland Europe - Spain, Italy, France Germany, Norway, including Slemish students also.

This is part of my job I really enjoy - making a difference by challenging perception and improving a young persons education with truth and facts!

Sorry, but no photographs - I am always concerned with child protection issues.


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