Sunday, 26 February 2012

Anderson - Stand Sure.

A few years ago whilst on a visit to Edinburgh, the present Mrs Anderson bought me an Anderson Tartan Tie - exactly as you see in the picture below.

Stand Sure is our motto - which is quite interesting!

Wee Clarkie, my big brother was in Scotland recently and brought me home this gift - a 32 page booklet which gives a synopsis of the Anderson's through 'our time' - we were fearsome Border Rievers in Scotland moving to our place in the sunshine, here in Ulster (no doubt chased out of Scotland)!

On page 14 there is an entry 'Without vital leadership the Anderson's have done what they have always been good at , keeping quiet in the background minding their own business - usually very successfully - how apt is that.

I am noted for being humble - the strong quiet type as you may say, but at times when we Anderson's feel wronged or 'put upon' we fight back - and fight back hard!

Those who know me well will know of my present difficulties - but I will prevail.


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