Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Victoria Primary School - The Beatles - She's Leaving Home!

I recently started to follow Victoria Primary School - (my old primary school in Newtownards) face-book page - it was set up by Mr. Nash, a retired teacher from the school.

It has brought back so many memories for me, as each week Denis posts old photographs etc. 

I was a pupil at Victoria back in 1968 to 1975, I played in the football teams, too part in dramas / plays, I was in the school choir, etc - I was also the connect 4 and domino champion in 1974 (the only person to do the double in one year : - )) !!

Well, recently I heard this song on Radio 2 and it took me back to my P7 drama. The song is by the Beatles - She's leaving home. I played the part of the father of the girl that had run away from home, my wife was a girl called Charisse (a Presbyterian Ministers Daughter) we acted out the words of the song. 

It was a sad and poignant drama piece that lasted only several minutes, but it has left a happy memory for me from my old school days.

Now that I have reached 47 - I look back to my class from p7 with fondness, however sadly too many of my old class mates and friends have passed away - life can be all too short!


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