Friday, 11 November 2011

Remember Us

One of my students came up to me recently and handed me a poem that he had written - I took it from him and read it later that day.

Sam is an average student, I began to teach him fife around 18 months ago, Sam lives for football and music, everything else simply passes him by.

It is a simple poem - but one that I enjoyed reading.

Sam Gyle is 13.

Remember Us

Boom! What’s that? That’s the sound of death calling

Dragging you to eternity

It’s that fear you see in your comrade’s eyes

As he wallows into a pit of despair

The puff of smoke as their lives evaporate


Can you hear the screams as they drown into the fog of gas

Their very screams that haunt you as you lie awaiting

Wandering what death has for you

Help me!

You can feel yourself being dragged into the chaos and destruction of this futile war

You ask yourself why?

Why is it that so many had to suffer?

Suffer so that you can live in peace and harmony today

They fought for you and gave one plea

Remember Us!

Sam Gyle


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