Friday, 11 November 2011

Reliable Funding

As a community activist, I help to apply for financial assistance for various projects, for Loughries Historical Society - an Ulster Scots Group from Newtownards, Co. Down.

Time after time I get bogged down with repetitive form filling, unnecessary complicated forms that take too much time! I understand fully the need for application forms, that of course is part of the funding process, however some of the forms that I regularly fill in are designed by people who know absolutely nothing about the needs and limitations of community groups.

Thankfully in Ards Borough Council - who do have a grasp of community based groups and their needs - provide simple, concise and uncluttered application forms and a fully motivated staff who help and assist at every call.

Loughries applied for their Festival Funding on April 30th 2011 as per their guidelines - festival held in October as planned, end of grant forms completed with invoices and report attached - Grant paid into account with in 3 working days.

How is that for efficiency!


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