Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lambeg Drums - A Selection of Painted Shells 20

I haven't blogged with pictures of lambeg drums for a while, so here is a selection for you to view.

I have picked plain shells with a simple ribbon / banner on the drum, usually identifying where the drum comes from, or simply the name of the drum.

There are many hundreds of these drums around Ulster that don't always get the recognition of a well painted shell, however a lot of the competition drummers don't really care much what it looks like, as long as the drum sounds great - that is all they are interested in.

I tend to be the opposite - I enjoy the 'cultural art' aspect of the lambeg drum tradition, as I have said before the lambed drum musical tradition is more than music or noise, it tells the story of us Ulster folk, who we are, our town-lands, families, famous people we idol, historical buildings, great ships, animals, the list is endless, so perhaps a simple ribbon with a name says enough about a drum and more often that not the drum owner!

Hope you enjoy these shells.


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