Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Newtown - A History of Newtownards.

During my Spring break to Bushmills, Co. Antrim (I enjoy spending time with my Ulster Scots Cousins in Co.Antrim) - I took one book with me to read: Newtown - A history of Newtownards.

Well, I really enjoyed the read, learning about many aspects of Newtownards and the Greater Ards Peninsula Area - overall it was an enjoyable book.

A minor criticism would be at times it appeared to be a history of the local Landowners and their internal family issues. The book also at times came over quite sad and sometimes 'desperate times' for the ordinary common folk! Yes it probably was an over view of the history of Newtown, however a little more emphasis on life as a peasant farmer / labourer / ordinary resident would have made it a little more personal for me - that said on the round it is a great publication and credit must be given to the author and fellow contributors!

I would recommend the book to all Newtown Folk.


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