Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Movilla High School - Drama Project

Tonight I attended a drama ‘Sit There for the Present’ written by Dan Gordon at Movilla High School Newtownards – my old school.

Year 8’s performed the play: - It tells the story of a group of children at school in the early 50’s when learning was often purely fact based and by rote. Away from school they play traditional games and vie for ownership of the local glen. The play features around 30 children who have stepped back in time in an era of ‘pig tales’ & comb-over’s, ‘short trousers & caps, to take on a trip down memory lane!

Well it was fantastic! The children excelled themselves and entertained us with humour, dance & song – a great evening, a brilliant project for Movilla and a real morale booster!

Well done Mrs Kelso + Mrs Ferris

As an ex-pupil I feel that it is important to help Movilla High School where possible - there are wonderful children, who need support and an opportunity to express themselves and show off their talents - this play helped. Also Movilla is blessed with wonderful dedicated staff, who under difficult circumstances work hard to bring the best out of their children.


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  1. If there is a dvd or copy of the play available I wouldn't mind a copy for my research.