Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Custom in Newtown!

A N'Ards tradition / custom is the annual pilgrimage to Scrabo Hill to roll down our painted hard boiled eggs.

This morning we - the Anderson's climbed Scrabo, rolled our eggs whilst the icy north wind kept us chilled!

MLA Simon Hamilton arrived with his family and a wee bit of electoral canvasing.

We headed off back to Bangor to see the 'Easter Parade' and motor car display.


  1. That takes me back about 35 years. Rolling hard boiled eggs doon Scrabo. Only in those days arts and craft supplies weren't so easy come by so we followed an aul country tradition an boiled our eggs in whin blossoms to turn them bright yellow.

  2. Hi D, My goodness you must have been poor - I have never heard of poor folk from Ballyfrenis! Yes I heard the same yarns of the yellow flower from the wind bushes, but that was way before my time!Mt boy's would just look at you if you came off from that.