Thursday, 26 August 2010


Shhhhh...... Don't tell anyone, but I joined Unislim, yes Unislim in Bangor, on Tuesday 17th August, with my best man Peter Crawley - Peter me and 30 women!

I am not 'fat' rather somewhat over-weight and decided to loose weight with a little help. You get weighed, put on a plan and meet every Tuesday evening to weigh -in.

I stuck religiously to the plan that I was put on, did not stray once from the instructions and at the weigh - in on Tuesday I lost a whopping 10lbs in the first week - and won the prize 'slimmer of the week'

That said, it is a great way to loose weight, I was rather embarrassed at the start, but the girl in charge Nicola - Christine Bleakely's sister, is very warm and friendly - as are the other ladies!

Lets see what I can manage on week 2


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