Sunday, 15 August 2010

Thank You

Over recent weeks I have received several dozen e-mails, telephone calls and believe it or not hand written letters, thanking Loughries for the summer school, launch of Thomas Smith and words of encouragement for all the hard work we have been up to this year.

This is encouraging to our Chairman Hamilton Gregory, Treasurer Roy McCartney, myself and others who work hard to improve the Ulster Scots tradition in Newtownards. At times it has been very frustration when 'things' go on in the back ground - actively working against Loughries - a small inconvenience, however when you receive these words in support of our work it drives us on all the more.

Later in September / October, Loughries will hold a Mini - Ulster Scots festival, funded by Ards Borough Council - we have 3 events planned really to see if we could sustain a larger festival. Time will tell of course with the attendance numbers and quality of the events, we are up for the challenge and look forward to the support offered from family, friends and the wider supporters of Loughries and of course the Ulster Scots folk in Ards.



  1. Hi Mark, your festival sounds like a great idea and I hope you'll be posting more details in due course as I'm sure we could drum up some trade for you.

  2. Thank you for looking in - yes small low key effort from Loughries. There will be 3 events, 2 will interest you, one I am not too sure.

    In the future perhaps 2011, it would be our intention to host an Ulster Scots festival taking in all the local groups for example - a Language event, musical night or concert, history lecture, arts & crafts, gospel night. If the right local folk come together I would be confident this could happen. I would also like to see a local drama project and of course Loughries Summer School.

    Keep looking in, I will post what is happening in the next 10 days.