Sunday, 30 May 2010

Montalto House 3

Well, back again to Montalto House in Ballynahinch - big brother David hosted a very special 60th birthday party for a gentleman, Jonathan. My role was simple at 10pm walk in playing the Lambeg Drum and play for 4-5 minutes then walk off.

So at 10pm as the guests walked out the front of the mansion I played, immediately I stopped a 10 minute firework display then took place.

Working at the Ulster Scots Agency and having the ability to play the Lambeg Drum or the fife gets you into some interesting places! Although it was late on a Saturday night I happily agreed to take the engagement, the birthday boy, Jonathan was a flamboyant character who moved to England many years ago - the significance of the lambeg drum being that his father was a drummer many years ago in Lisburn - Jonathan has a very emotional attachment to the Lambeg Drum.

This is a story I could reciprocate time and time again. The Lambeg Drum is no ordinary drum or musical instrument it has a very strong grip on Ulster Folk - it of course is the Heart Beat of Ulster!


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