Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rock'n'roll I Gave You All the Best Years of my Life

I had a lovely email through the week regarding my last musical post - Neil Young and my confession that I had never taken or even tried illicit drugs. The person who sent the email reminisced about their misspent youth, sitting up late at parties enjoying a glass or two of wine and a good old sing song, etc !

Well, that brought many distant memories flooding back to me, of similar evenings I used to enjoy - long before I met the present Mrs A of course.

Here is a tune that brought all those memories back - it is by Kevin Johnson - Rock'n'roll I Gave You All the Best Years of my Life!

In the last verse he refers to meeting a girl called Susanne who sympathetically listed to him, visited hotel rooms as he searches forlornly for a record company to sign him up, eventually as many girls have to do - that is to save men from themselves - she took him by the hand and told him.......... he was never going to be a star................ (It is called a reality check)
I believe that ever man needs a Susanne at sometime!!

Ever happened to you?


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