Thursday, 20 December 2012

Newtownards Christmas Rhymmers 2010 - 2

A few weeks ago I posted about the Christmas Rhymers who were planning to perform - update.

I was able to assist Darren Gibson with 2 x schools for the Christmas Rhymers -

1/ Movilla High School - the rhymers performed at the annual Carol Service and 1 local nursing home - Mrs Kelso and Mr Forbes worked extremely hard over a number of days to get the children released from class in order to rehearse and prepare. It was all worth it as the rhymers were very well received - well done Movilla.

2/ Castle Gardens Primary School - the rhymers performed for their parents and other classes with in the school, also they had a visit from the BBC A Kist O Wurds (Ulster Scots Programme) who duly recorded the children's performance, this also went down very well with the school - well done to Mr. Mawhinney and staff.

This project was planned and carried out without any help, guidance or assistance, financial or other ways from any organisation - just good work by dedicated / interested Ulster Scots Folk Fae The Ardes -Mark Thompson, Darren Gibson, Laura Spence - with a little bit of help from me.

But a huge thank you must go to the principals, staff, children and parents of both the schools for taking on the project, developing it and doing such an excellent job.

Well done everyone!!

A few snaps will follow soon.


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