Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ulster Scots Language

The Ulster Scots language is an integral part of the Ulster Scots Culture, just as music, history, cookery, art etc are. I am not an Ulster Scots native speaker, however being from Newtownrds and spending a lot of time around the Ards Peninsula I have a some degree of the language in my vocabulary.

One local exponent of the Ulster Scots language is Darren Gibson who now hails from Londonderry, however is very much an Ards Peninsula man, having been born and bred in Ballyfrenis, just outside Carrowdore - Darren regularly writes a piece in the Belfast Newsletter.

A few days before the 'Twelfth' Darren wrote a piece in his column about The Lambeg Drum........ have a read.

As I have mentioned before the Lambeg Drum is a unique musical instrument, it belongs to Ulster and is in my opinion our National Musical Instrument - therefore should be promoted, enhanced and developed on an equal footing as the bagpipes, fiddle, flute..... etc.

I think it is vitially important that writers, poets, storytellers, authors, and others include the lambeg drum in books, newspaper articles, poems, etc - 'Don't be afraid of the lambeg drum it to has a story to tell'.


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