Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ulster Scots Boy's Day Out - Fishing at Portaferry

Friday was a glorious summers day here in Ulster, therefore what better way to spend an afternoon than to go on a day's fishing.

Mark Thompson, Graeme Thompson, Darren Gibson, myself and 4 of our weans, departed Portaferry harbour and headed off into the Irish Sea - this in itself was a great experience and a very scenic voyage.

Thoughts of the first Ulster Scots Settlers, the 1798 Rebellion etc, entered my mind as we sailed through the entrance to Strangford Lough and out into the Irish Sea.

The sea did not give up too many riches, however we did catch quite a number of fish, although we did throw quite a few back, nevertheless we still caught enough to encourage us along the way.

Highlight of the day was watching the weans using the 'Priest' - a small club type wooden stick used to kill the fish, usually with one blow, however sometimes it took many blows from our 'blood thirsty weans' to put the fish out of their misery!!

Here are a few snaps of the trip: -


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  1. I’m guessing those readers who are not familiar with fishing gear will have to squint at the word ‘PRIEST.’ Yep, a ‘priest’ is an instrument used for quickly killing fish. The name actually came from the notion of administering the ‘last rites’ to the fish.

    Melanie Daryl