Sunday, 12 August 2012

11th Night Drummin

On the '11th Night' as usual, the local lambeg drumming fraternity met 'Under The Arch' in Newtownards - 14 drums and quite a few more drummers turned out for this annual event.

I am trying to gather up a few more photo's of the night - give me a day or two and I will post more, however I was sent this photo through FaceBook and although I am not a vain person, I thought I would post the photo - it is of such good quality.

This is me playing my drum 'Prudence' - it is in Black and White, you can see that it had been raining with the wet ground.

This photo was taken as I approached the drummers at the arch, Regent Street in the background.

Thanks to Adam Shaw and Andrew McCullough for the photo.


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