Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Somme Centre - Drumming June 2012

Well its June again - that means getting ready for the 'Twelfth', which is 1 calander month away!

As we have done now for around 12 years, we visit the Somme Centre (during June up until mid July) which has 6 or 7 small car parks that we use for drum practice.

We took up 3 drums to give the first night a bit of a bang! It was a beautiful summer evening not too much damp about.

I have been working with a group in Donaghadee, so a few of them, a few from Loughries and Ballyrobert drumming classes, came along to what turned out to be a great opening night.

It is all about experience and developing your own techniqu,e as well as drumming in time with other drummers - learning together.

We drummed for around 2 hours, stopping to fife a few tunes along the way!

Monday 11th June 2012 - Somme Centre

Keith (aged 10) and Me (grumpy lookin) - building / planning for the future !


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