Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Orange Banner Unfurling June 2012

I have received quite a few calls, e-mails, texts, Facebook messages etc, in the last few day's expressing positive remarks about Loughries True Blues LOL 1948's new banner. 

It was a day to remember events in history beginning 100 years ago and moving on with historical events over the next 20 years.

Along with ordinary Orangemen and Women, we were joined by District, County and Grand Lodge Officers as well as elected representatives - MP Jim Shannon, MLA'S Jonathan Bell, Michelle McIlveen and Simon Hamilton, Councillor Gibson, Menagh and of course Mayor of Ards Hamilton Gregory........ now that is enough name dropping!!

I was asked to put on a few more photo's of the day's events - well here they are. I will do my best to caption them - to let you know a little of the folks that attended.

1/ Banner Unfurled - Drew Nelson Grand Secretary Orange Institution.

2/ Dedication of Banner by Robert McCormick LOL 481

3/ Explanation of banner design - Stephen Rodgers (side 2)

4/ Presentation of gift to Drew Nelson by Mayor of Ards Alderman Gregory.

                   5/ Presentation of gift to Robert McCormick by Mayor of Ards Alderman Gregory.

6/ Flowers for pianist Mrs Lesley Greenald

7/ Some of the Lodge Members prior to Parade of N'Ards

8/ Parade in High Street - Distinguished Guests upfront!

9/ Our banner and Band - William Strain William Lightbody Memorial Flute Band

10/ Orange Brethren & Sisters on Parade - great support from visitors!

11/ Greyabbey Highland Dancers - entertain the crowd!

12/ William Strain Band perform for the crowd !

13/ Stephen Rodgers piper - entertains the crowd!

14/ Fife section accompany the lambeg drum - entertain the crowd

15/ Young Johnny Thompson - drum solo

16/ Bobby Magreechan accompanies the fife for some traditional music.


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