Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ulster Covenant - 99th Anniversary.

Today, Wednesday 28th September 2011, is the 99th Anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant. Hundreds of thousands of Ulster men throughout the world signed the covenant in support of strengthening and maintaining the Union.

The next 10 years witnessed a series of events that was to change the face of Ulster forever.

Sadly, today I was in a school, which I shall not name - I asked all students aged between 13 + 15 what historical event happened today, the 28th September in Ulster? Of the 30 or so children I asked none / nil / zero - knew what anniversary was today. When I explained the Ulster Covenant to them again sadly, only 2 of the 30 children have vaguely heard of the Ulster Covenant.

Dear oh dear oh dear!!

Another reason why our schools are failing our Protestant children. We need Ulster history taught in our school system........ urgently!

Lord Carson signing the Ulster Covenant at the City Hall Belfast

Thanks to Ian Carlisle USCN for this photo - Carson + Craig march to the City Hall


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