Thursday, 19 May 2011

Old Drum

Again during my visit to Ballyrobert Drumming Club - this drum was there. It is a very old drum from Newtownards called the Defender.

It was used at many 'Twelfth Parades' through the years and was owned by the Tate Family. There is a tragic story attached to the drum in that during a Twelfth Parade back in the 1970's the man playing the drum Mr. Tate collapsed and died whilst playing the drum. As a result the drum has not been played since.

The drum is now owned by Billy Tate - a nephew of the man who died. Billy is a member of Loughries Orange Lodge and recently took an interest in drumming so I teach him on a Monday evening at our class. It is great to have another old drum back in action - the more the better!


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