Monday, 30 May 2011

New Heliocopters

Thanks to cousin Jeannette for these photos.

You may think strange post - two brand new helicopters were recently delivered to Ontario Provincial Police Dept. - they cost around 8 million (Canadian)dollars - each, yes each. I am into symbols and yes it is great to see the crown on the side of the helicopters. Seems that someone in authority are planning for the future and investing in equipment as well as personnel.

Incidentally, in my previous employment I travelled for 3 years by helicopter 6-8 times per week, it was a great experience, Puma, Lynx, Sea king and Chinook. Great was to travel but................!

Jeannettes quote - 'I thought you might like the photos of the new helicopters. On your blog, that is very cool, don't mind a bit. They are so incredibly quiet. Love the Euro design of them. Each one costs 8 million dollars. We took two, one will be kept here and the other one is being kept in Sudbury which is about 3 hours north of us'.


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