Saturday, 14 July 2012

Drums at Stormont 2

I very much see myself as a 'Lodge Drummer' - nothing special, not a competition drummer, but a steady drummer who can take a lift, play a number of tunes and fife a bit when asked.

I see my role with in the fife and lambeg drum community as a tutor, who has the ability to engage with children and young people as well as older folk when asked to teach them about the fife and lambeg drum tuition.

To me the lambeg drum is our National musical instrument and must be promoted, enhanced and developed. That said it has been a rocky road upon which I have travelled - where I have come up against many barriers....... more details another day!

I was asked by the Ulster Scots Agency to provide 4 young drummers that I had been working with throughout Northern Irreland to perform at Stormont during the Queen's recent visit. The 4 were excellent young drummers, all at different stages in skills etc, however they came together and played and entertained the crowds who loved to hear the unique sound of the mightly Ulster Drum!!

I will post more photo's later when I receive them, however here are a few that were sent to me by the Boys' Model.

Myself and Simon Menabney


Simon with Andy Bickerstaff and Adam Winter to the left.

Mrs Baird (head of music at Boys' Model) with Simon

There are dozens of these young men in our schools - they are beginning to filter into their local community groups, Orange Lodges, drumming clubs and beginning to sit exams through their music classes. It is moving forward, a little slow, but trust me it is working!!


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