Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fife & Lambeg Drum in Ulster Schools

Earlier this year I was contacted by Miss Jenny Hill - a student teacher at Strandmillis Teacher Training in Belfast. Jenny was working on her college dissertation, her chosen subject being The Fife and Lambeg Drum Tradition in Northern Ireland.

Jenny travelled around Ulster visiting schools that I was working in, whilst there Jenny carried out her own research, speaking with teachers, pupils, as well as noting my working practice and exploring my thoughts on the fife and lambeg drum musical tradition as well as my view on the Ulster Scots Culture.

Jenny promised me a look at her dissertation, after it had been submitted for marking and evaluation, thankfully Jenny honoured her promise and allowed me to view her work.

The dissertation was well written and meticulously researched - Jenny has encapsulated the tradition and developed an understanding of where this musical tradition fits within the overall patchwork quilt - that is Ulster Culture. I was fortunate to read the article in its entirety and pleased at with the final product, so congratulations to Jenny on an excellent project.

Jenny has started work in a Primary School in East Antrim.

Front cover of the Dissertation

Inside cover of Jenny's Work


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