Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lurgan Black

I am off on Holiday's tomorrow 14th July to 22nd July and yes, I forgot to get 'new clothes'. So I nipped into Bangor to get a few bits n pieces, as I dandered around a few shops I heard some music - I walked outside and watched an excellent Parade by Lurgan Black.
A short time later I spoke with a man who was the District Master of Bangor Black, I knew who he was but did not really know him. He asked if I would help out Holywood District Orange next year in the field on the platform - I thought he wanted me to drum or fife, he then asked if I would read a passage of scripture as part of their service - I am not qualified for than and explained I did not hold office in the Orange, he then asked was I not the Reverend Anderson? Well, we both had a chuckle when we realised it was mistaken identity!


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