Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Runrig Live - Loch Lomond

I have had a bit of time to catch up with things over the weekend and last few days, I installed me new all singing all dancing PC and have decided to revamp all my files, etc.

I have been listening to quite a bit of music as I have been busily working away, so I thought I would share this tune and group with you..... this not my favourite track by this group - I will post that later but here is a rousing version of the old traditional Scottish folk song.... Loch Lomond.

A Scottish group I enjoy listening to from time to time is Runrig.  They are deeply proud of their Scottish roots, history, music and culture - they don't dress themselves up as anything else!
Others should take a leaf from their book - don't pretend to be something you are not and won't be!!



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