Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Visit to Belfast Newspaper Library.

Back on my family history trail again!

I visited the Newspaper Library in Belfast and viewed the Newtownards Chronicle Jan 1917 to December 1917. Looking through the year the news was dominated with news from the Western Front and associated stories - church, community groups, Orange Lodges, Council - all collecting, sweets, chocolate, knitted gloves, socks, underwear etc.

The other big news item running throughout the year was the Home Rule Crisis - Lord Carson taking the fight to the Westminster Parliament, and arguing the Ulster cause against increasing English hostility!

I was looking for information on my Great Uncle William Anderson, who I believed died during the great war - wrong! Having looked through the paper I did come across a letter that he had sent to the Chronicle thanking the good folk of Newtownards for sending him a 'parcel of comforts'

It is truly amazing what can be found - if you have the patients of course.

So guess what, William Anderson to my surprise survived the war - see next blog post regarding the information!


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