Saturday, 15 January 2011

George Douglas Holmes MBE - Lambeg Drums

During the week I received a call from Myrtle Holmes, wife of the late George Holmes - my aul drumming partner, so today I visited Myrttle to pick up one of Georges lambeg drums.

Needless to say George had amassed a room full of old musical instruments banjo's, guitars. bodhrans, lambeg drums, skins, pipes, etc, etc. There were also a lot of books, booklets, manuscripts videos DVD's audio tapes - in fact a treasure trove of 'stuff'

I collected the drum - which looks OK and I have to pick up the other drum from George's Mothers house next week - what ever happens or who ever buys the drums - they will remain in the Ards area for the drumming fraternity to use, particularly as there are a number of young drummers coming through.

I fine legacy for George - more later!


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